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3D Holographic Air Fan Display is one of the most cost effective display solutions to create a holographic illusion. This hologram machine creates the illusion of a hologram floating in the air. The hologram set is extremely simple to install and use. The brightness and strong colors make it very visible even in environments with a lot of light.

The amazing illusion is created by a LED light bar that spins at high speed, turning the hardware structure practically invisible and a floating video effect. Changing the video content is extremely easy.


  • High Resolution LED Display
  • Use 3D Holographic Air Fan display technology, display no-border 3D effect, your ad will float in the air.
  • 1200 round per minute high speed, provides true-to life image and dynamic effects
  • Equipped with LED beads, 70% more than others, more precise and brighter
  • Wi-Fi wireless picture transfer with APP ( scan the QR code on the user manual to install the APP )
  • Turn on / off the fan with the remote control or smartphone, safer operation
  • Provide custom picture and video service Power Efficient
  • Plug and Play Display

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