Digital Timer


This easy-to-use wireless presentation timer kit is ideal for timing presentations for conferences or events with multiple presenters.

This presentation timer kit allows your presenters to keep an eye on the clock, ideal for conferences or any event with multiple presenters to keep your presentation schedule on track. It consists of a wireless timer and a large presentation clock with 4” high solid LED digits with red lights. The clock has a easy to place it anywhere on the floor or stage where the presenter can easily see it. The timer connects easily and reliably to the clock over Bluetooth, Ethernet with a wireless range of 250’. Both units require AC power from included external 12V power supply.


  • Large four-digit LED wall display visible to the speaker and the audience up to 50′
  • Count up elapsed timer settable to hour: minute or minute: second
  • Count down time remaining timer settable to hour: minute or minute: second
  • Connect two or more Timekeepers together, one becomes the timer, and the others become remote displays
  • Easy to use
  • Subsequent timing cycles
  • Four-digit LED seven-segment display with 0.56″ high digits
  • Button to turn beeper on and off
  • Made of rugged MS construction
  • Beeper provides audible sound when timer reaches zero

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