Media Server Hi Render


Hirender S3 media server can manage the playback control process conveniently with its powerful dual control mode(timeline + window). The innovative program management module makes the multi-window and playback easier and more flexible. It can support up to 15360*2160 pixel-to-pixel display and supports multiple servers cascaded, and many effects. At the same time, the multi-channel synchronized outputs can simplify the management of super large LED screen splicing, projector, edge blending, creative LCD.

Hirender is used to design and control all the different media elements of your show – Video, Still images, Animations, Graphics, Live Camera feeds, Sound, Lighting Desk and Midi devices. PLAY it in REAL TIMELINE. Play your content on timeline with various cue lists on multiple displays. It is combination of the powerful computer hardware & dedicated software for show control. ONLY ONE SERVER and YOU ARE ON. The main advantage of using Hi-RENDER is the ease of use. You do not need to configure Production and Display system like Watchout and other server. You can connect many HI-RENDER servers to control huge pixels canvas.


  • Window mode supported
  • Time-line mode supported
  • Virtual screen supported
  • NDI supported
  • Support external device controlling(video, processor, switcher)


  • Support 4k capture card
  • Strong video decoding and 2d/3d rendering
  • Support super-resolution video
  • User friendly operation
  • Support preview mode(PRV)


Large size LED wall, Video Mapping on Projectors, Live Video Shoot, Multiple Displays, Lighting Desk (DMX) and any other MIDI devices.


AV Equipment Rental Companies, Event Management Companies, Production Houses, Conference Rooms Installation & Exhibition. CVS have great experience in using of this hardware in real live events.

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