Interactive Dance Floor

Led Dance Floor


Life is a stage show, every steps can motive the youth vitality. LED interactive dance floor bring the rhythm of dance match up with music. Interactive, sound and lighting effect gang together, all-directional interact, motive the body and heart. It’s the new element of entertainment, the new favorite of artist.

At present, the human screen interaction is mainly reflected in the interactive dancing floor LED display. The dancing floor LED display subverts the traditional vision, touch and hearing. All the creativity and imagination can be realized in the immersive dynamic experience space, which can create an abstract world, Magic Ocean and magic lawn, forest, dynamic sea world, dynamic ground, and virtual beaches make people feel the influence of aesthetics and optics.

Use them for promotional purposes such as at corporate events or trade shows. The floor panels can create text effects along with abstract graphics and will attract attention.


  • Interactive LED floor & LED display screen for Wedding floor.
  • Birthday
  • Show
  • Club and Disco Lighting
  • Welcome Entry
  • Events
  • Exhibitions

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