Audience Response Systems (ARS)


The Audience Response System (ARS) is an easy-to-use response system that obtains immediate feedback from every person synchronously in a classroom or conference room.

It’s a system composed of hardware (instructor remote, audience (student) remote, receiver and cable, etc.) and software.

The software includes 3 interactive modes:
Quiz master” uses a PowerPoint plug-in to enrich the presentations, and this makes it very easy to learn and use;
Standard Exam” is used for self-paced / paper – based test;
Quiz freedom” can be used in some other software interfaces (such as IWB, Internet online exam software, FLASH, WORD and so on), no need prepare for questions, and easy to capture the reply result chart and save them in user’s own documents.


The ARS often be used to conduct the following activities:

Normal Quiz, Rush Quiz, Elimination, Voting, Survey, Grade, Ad-lib Quiz, Oral Response, Attendance (Roll call), Grouping and Multi-Mode.

Almost simultaneity, the ARS can display the result histogram and score board. It will produce 11 statistics reports about these activities.


  • Get 100% audience participation every time.
  • Receive immediate, honest feedback without putting anybody on the spot
  • integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Supports various quiz formats and includes individual and group participation modes.
  • Ten activity modes, such as normal quiz, rush quiz, elimination and so on
  • Support PowerPoint quiz, also support quiz on paper, blackboard, PDF and so on
  • Integrated with whiteboard, document camera and table

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