Thermal Scanner


The 7 – Inch face recognition temperature integrated detector is a perfect combination of traditional applications based on face recognition and infrared temperature detection. Suit for hotel, access gate, office building, school, shopping mall, communities, public service.

Adopts high-precision infrared non-contact temperature detector. Can automatically detect body temperature, accurate and efficient.

Temperature measurement range: 30-45 (˚C), accuracy can reach ± 0.3, Face recognition within 500ms; Face Library 22400 person; Total can storage 100000 recognize record.

Dual sensor with living detect, face recognition distance 0.3 – 3M; Auto identify people without mask and give real time warning; Real time Output of identify results and voice prompts.

Application For Events & Exhibition Safety

  • Venue Entrance safety of employees
  • Safety of delegates
  • Participant Data management of surface & Body Temperature
  • Record Maintenance of all vendors suppliers

Suits for

  • Retail Shops
  • Schools & Universities
  • Pharmacy Hospitals
  • Commercials offices & Factories
  • Sports Area
  • Public Transport


  • Attendance: It has to be collect people record easily in excel sheet
  • Non-contact: No need to touch the equipment, it can be identify by entering the range, convenient for hygiene.
  • Convenience: No need to carry it, no need to co-operate, liberate hands, identify fast.
  • Safety: Never last, not easy to copy, real people to prevent camouflage.
  • Stability: Different angle / Different light / Face Change can be accurately identified.
  • Accuracy: Can quickly measure human body temperature and report unusual body temperature for unusual body temperature.
  • Concurrency: Simultaneous detection and identification of multiple faces, high recognition efficiency.
  • Easy to contact: No Special Equipment, Computer / Laptop Camera can collect face anytime anywhere.
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