Boundary / Fence LED Displays


Specially made for the fast-paced action and advertising segments, Boundary / Fence LED displays are short in height and large in width. Most commonly used in stadiums and sports grounds, these displays allow marketers to offer tailor-made marketing solutions across the entire boundary of the field or stadium. Boundary / Fence LED displays combine super-wide viewing angles with high contrast and high image refresh rate to make sure the visuals are as impressive for the in-stadium spectator as they are for those viewing the action on television.


  • Impact Resistant – A number of security features protect the LED displays from damage. The units are made from IP-certified, completely waterproof soft and flexible material for resistance against rain, dust, and grass clippings. The cabinets are equipped with high-quality bounce protection foam and soft rubber front masks to protect the LED displays from the impact caused by a player colliding into them.
  • Seamless Splicing – Unique splice structure meets all creative requirements and ensures you get one comprehensive image without any gaps
  • Ultra-high Brightness – Keeping in mind the unpredictability of weather, Boundary / Fence LED displays feature ultra-high brightness and contrast ratios. This means you get stunning picture quality in both sunny and overcast skies
  • Wide Viewing Angles – Large viewing angles prevent reflections from occurring and make sure the edges of the image are clear, bringing maximum visual pleasure to the TV viewers and spectators alike.

Other LED Display Services

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